PerformEX Stage

New for 2018! Hear from industry leaders in the heart of the tradeshow floor. Featuring a roster of technical sessions, visit the PerformEX stage to expand your knowledge on building code, renewables, accessibility and barrier free design, in addition to other areas impacting the way we design, construct, and manage our provinces buildings.


Tuesday, March 20 • 10:00am–12:00pm • Early Bird $55/Regular $65 • PerformEX Stage

T06 – Building Renewable Energy Beyond Photovoltaics: Targets, Metrics and Trends 

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices;
Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 2.0 CPD • 2 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 2 HSW-Sustainability Hours IDCEC Approved ]

The time is right to consider integrating alternate and renewable energy into buildings of today and all future buildings constructed. With the federal renewable energy targets, compliance to NECB, and every individual’s responsibility to preserve our planet and its resources, the opportunity to begin transforming the way we use energy has never been greater.

This session will offer an introduction to various alternate and renewable energy systems, including:

  • Photovoltaic installations
  • Solar concentrated hot water plants
  • Solar hot water installation
  • Biomass and landfill
  • Natural gas in CCHP installations
  • Fuel cell installations
  • Run-off the river hydro
  • Wind generation

An overview of capital and operational expenditure will be provided, as well as trends and selection metrics to assist professionals in making informed decisions. Following this presentation, participants will understand:

  • Renewable targets for 2020, 2030 and 2050 in Alberta.
  • Achievable renewable energy options for the built environment.
  • Metrics for selecting the most suitable option.

Sunny Ghataurah

Mo Khan

Trina Larsen

Sunny Ghataurah, P.Eng., P.E., CLD, CTS, LEED AP BD+C, President, AES Engineering
Mo Khan, P.Eng., BSc Eng (S.A.), Senior Associate, AES Engineering
Trina Larsen, P.Eng., M.Sc., LEED AP BD+C, Senior Managing Associate, AES Engineering

Sunny Ghataurah is President of AES Engineering, one of the largest electrical engineering firms in Western Canada. He is an electrical engineer and lighting designer, licensed in BC, AB & Washington State, with more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry. His skills in designing electrical and architectural lighting systems have been applied to hundreds of buildings across many sectors, including healthcare, education, hospitality, civic, recreational, retail, corporate office, industrial and residential.

Sunny’s projects have won numerous awards including Awards of Merit from the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC), and a 2016 Special Citation and a 2015 Award of Excellence for Interior Lighting Design from the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES).

A passionate pioneer of sustainable design, Sunny’s portfolio includes 100+ LEED projects, 3 Living Buildings and several renewable energy projects. Recognized as an industry thought leader, Sunny was invited to speak at the Alberta Electrical Inspectors Conference, BUILDEX Calgary, BUILDEX Edmonton, IES Edmonton and the Alberta Safety Codes Council.

Mo Khan is a Senior Associate and the resident renewable energy specialist at AES Engineering having designed and commissioned numerous photovoltaic installation projects. Mo has over 18 years of electrical engineering experience and has pushed the boundaries of green and sustainable buildings, incorporating PV technology into corporate office, data centre and training facilities project throughout South Africa, where he was previously Director of OneZero Consulting. Locally, he has completed PV feasibility studies for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada and is in the process of implementing solutions for three of their sites. Mo strives for innovation, energy-efficiency, technological advancement and professionalism on all his projects.

Trina Larsen is the Senior Managing Associate of AES Engineering’s Edmonton office. Trina has contributed to the Edmonton landscape with a portfolio focusing on the sustainable electrical design of new buildings, renovations and project planning for over 20 years. Trina loves being able to contribute to City place-making through projects as diverse as the Edmonton Funicular and exterior lighting policy development, from heritage building preservation to new landmarks like the Royal Alberta Museum, Kaye Edmonton Clinic and Sigmar Centre for Learning at NorQuest College. Trina relishes in the opportunity to bring diverse groups of people together toward a common goal – develop beautifully designed spaces that offer occupant comfort, ease of maintenance, and low energy consumption.

Trina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Physics and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering, both from the University of Saskatchewan. She is a past president of Section 79 of the IESNA, and served on the IES commissioning committee for Design Guide 29-11.

Tuesday, March 20 • 2:00pm–3:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • PerformEX Stage

T19 – Accessibility and Barrier Free Design

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

The seminar introduces where Canada and its Provinces stand with regards to implementing accessibility requirements. This seminar is a great foundation for learning and understanding the prescribed accessibility (barrier-free) design requirements as they relate to the 2014 Alberta Building Code (ABC), at the same time bringing attention to more restrictive accessibility design requirements that may be governed by the City. The goal of this course is to address the intent behind accessibility requirements and why they are important and the design of a universal built environment. Attendees will have a better understanding of when, and to what extent, barrier-free design may be applicable to their new or existing projects. This session will be of value to architects, interior designers, space planners, engineers and select manufacturers. Content is designed for industry professionals with beginner to intermediate knowledge of the Alberta Building Code.

Samantha Proulx

Samantha Proulx, Accessibility and Building Code Consultant, Jensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd.

Samantha Proulx, C.E.T, is a lead Accessibility Consultant in Canada with almost seven years of experience assisting industry professionals with the provision of universal design.  Ms. Proulx helps her clients understand the intent behind designing a safe environment for all individuals, while ensuring even the most complex of designs can facilitate function, wayfinding, and inclusivity for its potential users. Samantha specialises in Municipal, Provincial, and National Codes, Standards and Legislatures related to accessible design. Her diverse range of experience includes general accessibility consulting, accessibility compliance assessments and building audits, establishing accessibility policies for companies and new building projects, alternative solutions and variances, safe evacuation for persons with disabilities as well as conducting educational seminars among many others.

Samantha was recognized as an expert in her field at the Building Show 2017 (North America’s Largest Exposition) for a second time, had the opportunity of educating well over 300 attendee’s last year on barrier-free design, was featured in Construction Canada Magazine (July 2017 edition) and conducted a workshop at the 2018 Abilities Expo this past January. Some of Ms. Proulx’s projects include: The new Regina Rough Riders Stadium, Providence Care Hospital, and the new Eglinton Crosstown LRT.


Wednesday, March 21 • 10:00am–11:00am • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • PerformEX Stage

W06 – Acoustic Value Engineering

[Building Code & Envelope Solutions; Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Health & Wellness; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours ]

Designing and constructing a new facility or renovating an existing facility is exciting and the finished structures are looking as good or better than the drawings after completion. Acoustics are critically important in these large open spaces given the use of high ceilings and hard flooring as hearing is the next sense we use after enjoying how great something looks. This presentation will focus on common acoustic treatment options, their relative cost/value, their constructability, and the safety/liability risks associated with each of them.

James Teppan

James Teppan, P.Eng., President, Western Noise Control

James has 31 years of operational, marketing, and executive level experience as a professional engineer in the manufacturing and construction industries. He has been fortunate to experience everything from being responsible for the construction of a large petrochemical facility to running 3 multi-faceted manufacturing, construction, and services businesses. He is now President of Western Noise Control which is part of the Engineered Controls Group of Companies. James' commitment to value engineering and root-cause analysis has helped his teams minimize costs while maximizing value.

Wednesday, March 21 • 11:30am–12:30pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • PerformEx Stage

W11 – What Now? One Year of Energy Code and Beyond

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours • 1 HSW-Building Code Hour IDCEC Approved ]

After a year of NECB 2011 this presentation will highlight trends for good and bad. Presenting the challenges and opportunities that the code has presented, the speakers will expand on how we, as industry professionals, can do better. The presenters will conclude with an overview of what is coming next for energy codes and high performance buildings in Edmonton and Alberta.

Juan Monterrosa

Justin Pockar

Juan Monterrosa, Senior Engineer, Green Building and Energy Code, City of Edmonton
Justin Pockar, Energy & Environment Coordinator, City of Edmonton 

Juan Monterrosa is the Senior Engineer for Green Buildings and Energy Code at the City of Edmonton. He has over of 10 years of experience working in energy from source to end use. As a LEED Accredited Professional and a Certified Passive House Consultant he has a strong focus on energy efficiency and load reduction. With a passion for high performance building design Juan is supporting the implementation of new energy codes, green building innovations and reducing barriers to green buildings. With a vision of reducing the carbon emission from buildings for the City of Edmonton he looks to build connections between builders, the municipality and the sustainability community.

Prior to joining The City of Calgary Justin worked as a consultant, completing several projects certified to LEED Gold or better. As Energy and Environment Coordinator for Planning & Development, current responsibilities include administration and integration of sustainable design policies and technology into the approvals processes and built environment. Active participation with the National Research Council of Canada has led to roles as reviewer and author of the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB), and contributing volumes for both ASHRAE and BIM Canada publications.

Wednesday, March 21 • 1:00pm–2:00pm • Early Bird $35/Regular $45 • PerformEx Stage

W16 – Measure Twice, Cut Once: Building Automation Systems & HVAC Controls Commissioning – Best Practices for Design and Implementation

[Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment; Project Planning, Management & Best Practices; Facility Management & Building Maintenance; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1 AAA Structured Learning Hours ]

Your Building Automation System (BAS) is the most important 'piece' of equipment in your building. It is becoming increasingly important to ensure building automation designers, building owners, and controls commissioning teams have access to current tools, and are well versed in industry best practices related to BAS design and implementation. A well-designed BAS system will ensure the final quality and value of a building while improving and simplifying ongoing operations and maintenance procedures.

The discussion will provide an overview of BAS systems as a technology platform by which owner's project requirements for energy efficiency, sustainability, and occupancy conditions are to be monitored, controlled, and tracked over the lifetime of a building.

Lastly the discussion will explore real world approaches, and areas for improvement, in the standardization, design, specification, and commissioning of BAS systems for HVAC control and energy management applications. It will also explore the impact of the internet on the BAS design and specification process.

Edward (Ted) Cook

Mike Edwards

Edward (Ted) Cook, Senior Account Executive, Automated Logic – Canada Ltd.
Mike Edwards, Service Area Manager, Alberta, WSP Canada

Ted draws from his years of experience as contractor, consultant, and entrepreneur in his approach to each and every project. "If you don't have a good understanding and appreciation for the impact your decisions have on the end result and the bottom line then how can you be confident in your work?"

Ted is a Senior Account Executive at Automated Logic Canada with twenty-five years of experience in the HVAC industry specializing in Building Automation System (BAS) design, implementation, and sales.  Ted has experience in many different facility types including educational, office, retail, residential, telecom and data centres throughout Alberta, BC, and Ontario, as well as in Seattle, Chicago, and New York City.

Mike Edwards has experience implementing and managing the commissioning and retro-commissioning process on a variety of new commercial, institutional, health care, educational, and residential construction projects. This has included the provision of technical guidance and direction through design reviews, shop drawing reviews, controls reviews, site reviews and functional controls testing to optimize energy performance and ensure owner's requirements are met. Michael is also experienced in a wide variety of responsibilities related to sustainable building design, construction, LEED® green building certification, Building Automation System (BAS) retrofits and upgrades, and municipal sustainability master planning projects.

As the Service Area Manager, Alberta Building Performance, Mike is responsible for building business and WSP's reputation in the new building commissioning, existing building commissioning, and sustainable building services markets here in Alberta.
Mike is a professional Mechanical Engineer and LEED AP with 8 years of experience in sustainable building services. Prior to his time with WSP Group, Mike worked as a project manager and commissioning specialist for Enermodal Engineering and MMM Group Ltd.