The New / Green Product Showcase highlights products, services and technologies exhibited at the show that are transforming the design, construction, renovation and project management industries. Look for the New / Green Product Showcase logo on the showfloor to source and learn about new products, services and technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

Company: City of Edmonton, Change Buildings for Climate

Booth: 402


Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program works with commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings (over 20,000 SQF) to make building energy performance information more accessible. The program compares annual, whole building energy consumption across Edmonton’s large building stock - information that is used to benchmark building energy performance, facilitate energy efficiency improvements and greenhouse gas reductions. Participants will benefit from technical support, customized building benchmarking reports, tenant education workshops and access to financial incentives ($5,000/building) to help offset the cost of an energy audit.

Company: Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems

Booth: 221

Product: polyurethane spray foam roofing system



Cozifoam Roof Armor Systems provides you with the last flat roof your building will ever need!

Our exclusive polyurethane spray foam roofing system has hurricane-proven resistance to extreme weather, 30 year durability, and will pay for itself in reduced heating/cooling bills! All this for 30-50% less than the cost of other roofing systems! Come visit us at Booth 221 to see why Cozifoam can provide the last flat roof you will ever need!

Company: Findoor Industrial Inc.

Booth: 018

Product: Folding and Sliding Doors


Findoor Industrial Inc. has 30 years experience in Northern Europe's challenging climate. The corporation operates Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic Countries, and Russia.

Our folding door product and other related services have been, and still are revolutionary in Europe in the way they operate to create value for our customers. At the beginning of 2018 we launched our services in Canada.  
There are three main points why thousands of customers choose Findoors every year.

  • extremely energy efficient
  • low maintenance
  • user friendly, durable products

Company: Legacy Equipment

Booth: 501

Product: Ecovolve Dumpers, Sherpa 100 ECO, Snorkel Personal Lift, Wacker Neuson 803 Excavator


Our goal at Legacy Equipment is to be at the forefront of the rental industry, providing environmentally friendly equipment to our customers. We rent battery powered dumpers, excavators, mini skid steers, man lifts and even battery powered jumping jacks.

ECOVOLVE DUMPERS – Battery powered, no emissions, silent, high tip dumper 1 Tonne &1.5 Tonne
SHERPA 100 ECO – Battery powered, mini skid steer, light weight
SNORKEL PERSONAL LIFT – Battery powered, zero turning radius, drives through standard doorway, 10’, 12’, 16’ Models
WACKER NEUSON 803 EXCAVATOR – Dual fuel diesel / electrical, indoor & outdoor work, light weight

Company: Selkirk Signs

Booth: 306

Product: LED Lights


WHY LEDs? We’re Canadians. The weather spectrum we see demands quality. LEDs are very tolerant, withstanding temperatures of -40⁰ C to 65⁰ C.

Made for longevity, our LEDs are rated for 100,000 hours at 25⁰ C. Better news is LEDs will actually last longer in colder temperatures; less stress is placed on the diodes and decay is slowed.

LEDs are of slim design, lightweight, non-fragile, cost effective and importantly: Our LEDs are CSA approved.

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